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Cutest Twin boy bedroom With Pillowfort Room Decor

By on May 26, 2017

So, I have twins!  Ahhh!  It’s so crazy, but so good.  They are both boys and are 4 years old.  I thought 2 twin beds was the obvious move after they grew out of their crib/converted toddler beds, but they sleep in 1 twin bed Lol.  I guess I should’ve known a queen of full would’ve worked better, since they don’t leave each others side. Currently, after many different furniture placements I have the beds running parallel.  The trundle on the left bed opens right up to the right bed and they sleep in the trundle.  Oh well,  they are just too cute to move apart.  The trundle on the right bed houses tons of stuffed animals.  As you can probably tell from the picture it can barely close.  twin boy bedroom, pillowfort decor


When moving in I chose a plain off white paint, which I kind’ve can’t stand now.  So, that’s on my list of things to do.  In the meantime, I went to Target to cute the room up and I was so I happy I did.  I think I bought everything in the two kids Pillowfort aisles.  I haven’t shown you my daughters room yet, but she has a ton of Pillowfort also.  Each boy chose their style.  One went nautical and the other went dinosaur.  Together it just works.  Honestly, you can mix and match the entire line with so much success it’s just that good.  You can’t mess it up.


Their beds need bedding I know.  Somehow, they talked me into these zippy sacks and no offense to the as seen on tv people, cause they do have awesome products.  I just have my heart set elsewhere.  A Beddy would be my dream for both kids rooms.  The only problem is they run $250 and I would need 2 in the boys room and 2 in my daughters room, since she has a bunk bed.  No matter how many promotions they run I just can’t make that happen.  My husband would go nuts if I spent $1,000 on kids bedding that they may or may not love and want to replace with a dinsoaur zippy sack or snuggy tail.  One day though I know I have to do it.  Truthfully, I want one for my bed too,  What’s better that not having to make your bed?  Just zipping it to neatness sounds like a no brainer to me.


There are other beautiful rooms posted by others on Pinterest showing there decor using the Pillowfort line.  You have to check them out!  If you are thinking about updating your child’s bedroom or playroom definitely head to Target.




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Outdoor Space

Spring Vegetable Garden: How To Decide What To Plant

By on May 22, 2017

Good morning,

It’s a cloudy raining day here in the garden state and it’s just that that I want to talk about today, my garden.  I haven’t been known to have much of a green thumb in the past, but I am so into the idea of growing my own vegetables and so are my children.   It’s a very valuable way to spend time with the kids and to learn together.  I’m hoping I can make this a very successful project.Elevated garden bed, spring vegetable garden


I started by researching the planter box that I would use.  My most common way to research a product is by googling “what is the best” elevated garden bed.  I determined from that search that the  Gronomics REGB 24-48 24-Inch by 48-Inch by 30-Inch Rustic Elevated Garden Bed, Unfinished was the best choice for me.  I like the rustic look of the unfished cedar.  It got great reviews on amazon and it was a  nice size.  No tools were even necessary to build it either.  Thatwas great news.  The pieces fit right into one another like a puzzle.

When buying the plants I would have bought and planted everything the garden center had, but I had to focus I only had a small space to work with.  I decided the key was to only buy what I would buy and cook from the grocery store regularly.  Elevated garden bed, spring vegetable garden


Kale was an easy choice.  I make the kale chips for the kids and I sauté it and put in salads.  With so many uses I couldn’t go wrong.   Next, I chose spinach. Spinach is my favorite in salads.  I don’t like it cooked much, but would choose it over other lettuces.   Another family favorite meal here is escarole and beans, so I planted some escarole.  Next is Swiss chard.  Swiss chard  is so delicious sautéed and chopped in summer pasta dishes.  I can’t wait until these plants are ready to harvest.  In the elevated plant bed I also added a rosemary plant and a basil plant.  I use both of these often.  Anything I roast or grill I use rosemary on like grilled steak  kebabs  and even grilled potatoes in foil packets.  I use it when I roast a chicken or fall vegetables in the oven too.  The basil I use mostly for pesto all summer.  I also use it for tomato sauce, with fresh mozzarella and  on top of grilled corn salads.  So, that’s everything that filled the garden bed.  I’m hoping I didn’t plant them too close together, but as I said earlier I went to the nursery and wanted everything they had.  So, if I had to squish them a bit I just couldn’t help myself.  Old radio flyer, spring vegetable garden


I think I am going to drill some holes in an old vintage radio flyer wagon to plant the remainder of the plants I had bought like red and green cabbages and zucchini that didn’t fit in the garden bed.  Tomatoes are always a summer must have so I have some large pots I will plant those in.  What are your favorite summer vegetables to plant?  I will be sure to update you on the status of my veggies as they grow.  Unless of course it’s a big failure;)

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House Tour

Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating Ideas

By on May 5, 2017

My farmhouse kitchen has been updated, but barely.  I started last year by painting the cabinets first with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Paris Gray of course.  I love it!  I lived with it for about a year and started noticing that it would need to be touched up.  There were splatter spots of oil near my range and some scuffs on heavily used cabinets.  I was willing to do the touch ups myself, but we do know a really nice painter that charges so little that it was worth it to see how it would turn out with benjamin Moore paint.  I hate to say this, but it did look better the second time.  The cabinets had a glossy shine to them which I liked better.


The overall style of the room is farmhouse decor. I have milk jugs, chicken wire baskets, galvanized metal accents, painted furniture, a dutch door and open shelving.  This picture shows the woven textile runner with hen pitcher, which I pretty much always use for a vase instead of its intended purpose of a actual pitcher.  This open shelving is awesome, because it was left in the house and I new I could put it to good use.  It had originally been left in a bedroom next to a desk, which was cute, but served us better in our kitchen for cook books, serving dishes, water pitchers and little decorations that add character.  One piece is a mini log cabin.  It’s so cute and it was in my grandmothers house, so it’s extra special.  The large wooden board on the top is from Pottery Barn at least 10 years ago and I have had it hung up, resting here on my shelves and even on my table for entertaining.  I have done a whole taco spread on it or cheese and crackers.  It adds height and style.

farmhouse table, chalk paint

The picture below shows  my dutch door along with an antique picture that my parents have collected through the years.  Also, my very long Pottery Barn pencil picture.   I had that from my last home.  There was a long wall with wainscoting and I thought this worked in that space.  The windsor chairs, the press back chairs and the moor modern seagrass barstools and a nice balance of new and old.

dutch door, chalk paint

This photo is our family command center.  Our main hub for not messing up my daily schedule.  .  I use my calendar every day.  I have to or I will forget to take somebody somewhere.  The wire mesh cubbies are for each child, but I don’t love how they can become a catch all.  I do have the kids hang their jackets and backpacks on the hooks, which is useful and easy for them.  The galvanized magnet board I use to hang invitations and schoolwork.The unplug sign is just a little detail that reminds us to slow down and enjoy our busy family time.  I created this wall, since I have no actual mudroom and it works well for our needs.  What are your ideas for a family command center?


family command center, galvanized accents, wire organization

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Master Bedroom

A Gray Master Bedroom: Today’s Style

By on April 29, 2017

When I first moved into my house in 2015 I was choosing paint colors and my friends and family were laughing saying oh wait let me guess that room will be…gray?  I couldn’t help myself, but I don’t think I’m alone here.  Plus, it wasn’t just gray.  They were variations of gray and colors that flowed from room to room making the color scheme cohesive.  It was what worked!


For my master bedroom I chose Benjamin Moore Gray Owl.  When it came to decorating a master bedroom I didn’t have much.  My previous house has a very tiny not so master bedroom.  The only piece I had was my Pottery Barn Stratton Storage Bed with baskets.  It wasn’t really in  my budget, but I had the smallest bedroom ever and needed somewhere to put my clothes.   At that time it was the best option and I loved it.  I believe it was my Mothers Day gift.  Maybe this year I can hope for a vacuum lol.  The previous owner of my current house was moving to California and didn’t want to take her bulky bedroom furniture, so we took a dresser and a armoire. The armoire we have since gotten rid of and the dresser I of course painted annie sloan chalk paint paris gray.  How does it look?  Let me know your thoughts:)gray master bedroom

I really love my gallery wall with pictures of my kiddos and “you are my sunshine” plaque.  I love  that it reminds me of when my children were babies.  I of course have some antiques that my parents gave me during their home downsizing.  In this picture the gold lamp, my night stand and the clock are all from their collection.  They have so much.  I’m not sure if I can incorporate all they are trying to give me.


I have quite a bit of work to do in this room still.  I need to do window treatments.  I hope to update my bedding soon and what you don’t see in this  picture is the horrible master bathroom and my small walk in closet that I need to outfit with shelves and double hanging bars.  These projects all need to get done, so hopefully I can get to them sooner than later.  I hope to have more beautiful photos of master bedroom decorating ideas soon.


What is your favorite gray paint color for a master bedroom?

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A Modern Victorian Chair Makeover

By on April 25, 2017

I was so excited to get a text from the upholsterer today asking if I would be around to receive my victorian chair I had given him just three weeks ago. I have been anxiously awaiting this day and it looks exactly the way I had hoped. It’s beautiful! The old victorian chair is now modern, bold and still has tons of character. I love the balance.

About a month ago I went to a local fabric store and was looking around. Not much stood out. Of course,  I saw some fabrics that I liked in books, but I didn’t realize those were $25 per yard aand the most amazing part of that fabulous day it was $5 per yard. That is still unbelievable to me. I felt like I should buy the whole roll cause I love a good deal, but since I only had one chair to upholster I figured I should slow down.



One concern about upholstering this Victorian chair in this modern geometric fabric is would the pattern loose its integrity in the tufting? I was concerned, but after looking online and seeing other upholstered chairs in modern fabric and following my own advice to decorate with what you love I thought it to be worth a shot.
I have seen some really beautiful old chair makeovers online and hope to do a lot more, since finding this awesome upholsterer who picks up and delivers and produces beautiful quality work. Let me know what you think of this chair. I would love your input, before I start upholstering everything in my house. I have really enjoyed creating this blog post and hope you find some inspiration from it.

upholstered chair, modern antique chair, victorian chair

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Entryway Decor Ideas to Organize A Small Space

By on April 20, 2017

My entryway or foyer is very small, so I have to be very creative when it comes to decor ideas for it.  Entryway niche, entryway organization

When I was moving in this house and right around the time I started chalk painting furniture my mother offered for me to have a secretary desk that was her grandmothers.  So, I was excited to have a family heirloom in my house.  Especially, one I could transform a bit.  Turns out it is a great piece for my entryway.   I have the desk as the catchall for mail and keys.  I even use it for my daughters hair brush and detangling spray in  case she try’s to run out with crazy hair (happens all of the time).  Anyway, the desk is great because you can hide things if you want or from time to time I have a little basket on top for sunscreen and such items.   I use the basket below for the kids shoes, so they can’t say its too hard to put them away.  They still walk in and leave their shoes on the floor, but maybe if I say put your shoes in the basket 3 million times it might sink in.  The umbrella holder for of course, umbrellas.  We do have a coat closet off to the side of the front door for coats, but not much else will fit in there(maybe I will transform this space soon).  This entryway organization niche is part of my living room, so I don’t want it to make it look like a mudroom.  I want it do be organized and minimal.  I think I was successful and creative with the space.  If you have any suggestions I’m always open.


The lighting for this space had to be updated.  It was simply a square disk over a light bulb.  It was so boring.  I found a pretty light to fit the space and I’m pretty sure I ordered it from Overstock.  Not to mention that it was under $100.  I thought it was a great find and I am very happy with the end result.  It fits my farmhouse decor, but has some sparkle.  I love sparkle!


I hope you like my entryway and hopefully gives you some inspiration for creative ways to organize your entryway stuff.


drop crystal semi flushmount light, entryway organization

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Our Ultimate Basement Renovation photos

By on April 18, 2017

We just completed our family room basement renovation.  When we moved in in 2015 my husband said the basement would be his project.  He was going to “clean it up”.   Make it a nice place for our kids to play.  Well, no offense to him, but a gray cement painted floor and white painted knotty pine paneling didn’t do it for me or the kids.  This is our first real project since we moved in.  One where you hire contractors, so I was so excited.  I love love love change and my home is my favorite place to improve and make more beautiful.  The basement would not have been my first pick (since my kitchen has gross linoleum) but I’m just happy something is getting done.basement before renovation

This was mostly going to be my husbands project, so he handled the contractor and together they decided that
wainscoting would be nice to brighten the one window basement and might toughen up the walls since hot wheels and toy trucks will most likely getting rammmed into them.  Then I was looking on Pinterest for basement renovation photos I came across some pretty fancy wainscoting and it’s then that I had to intervene.  I figured the men agreed to wainscoting, so why not shiplap.  Well, my husband was getting anxious with our contractor not showing up everyday to finish the project so he felt my shiplap would set us back even more time, but he went with it anyway.  After all, he watches Joanna and chip too and he knew it would look good.

gutted basement

We used a tongue and groove wood and pieced them together. It went up pretty smooth.  I now know and would tell future contractors to place boards as close together as possible, because I didn’t love the spacing between the boards.  We used caulk to fill those gaps and painted Benjamin Moore simply white and it looks great.

Shiplap installation

Now I am putting the kids toys back down there, because their rooms were overflowing during the renovation.  We still need to purchase some furniture.  I’m thinking an IKEA modular sectional, but I have to make the hike there first to see them in person.  If you have any recommendations please leave me a comment and let me know. In the meantime, the kids are loving their new space and so are we.  We are also waiting for the electrician to come and hang the tv on the wall.  Until then we are using an older IKEA epedit wall unit.

Shiplap wall


This week I will be working on decorating and organizing the basement and will post the final after photos shortly.  I hope you like it:)




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Dining Room

My Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas and Where To Get Them

By on April 12, 2017
Farmhouse dining room
Farmhouse Dining Room

My farmhouse dining room while very petite packs a lot of nice architectural features.  Nice thick base molding, dentil molding, an archway and a pocket door.  My plan is to tear down the wall between the kitchen and dining room.  The space is just too small to entertain. The pocket door may need to go and maybe even the arch. So sad, but opening up the space is going to offer so much more usable living space for our family that it will be worth it.   The pocket door is on the same wall the separates the kitchen.  The arch is from the entry.  The entry is way way too tight.  I want to open up the staircase and the wall in the entryway to make that space seem more open.


The dining room is painted in Benjamin Moore revere pewter.  The table is from Ikea and transitions from a circular table to an oblong table for a bit more seating.  The blue love seat is world Market.  The other chairs and furniture are all antique pieces from my parents.  I will be posting the makeover of Victorian chair in the corner soon, so be sure to check back for it.  Oh and my favorite the chandelier is Murray Feiss.

Pocket Door, Dining Room
Doorway from Dining Room to Kitchen


I am excited to make the changes to the kitchen and dining room in the future, but in the meantime I’m enjoying it just the way it is.  It’s charming and has a lot of personality.  Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions.  I love change and am open to all your creative ideas.

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